Technology Trend Research Package (Patent + Paper + Policy Package) 

  • Investigate specific technology trends from a problem-solution perspective. 

Patent Analysis  

  • Quantitative analysis of IP5 patent applications related to specific technologies.

Paper Analysis

  • Quantitative analysis of papers related to specific technologies

Policy Trend Research

  • Examination of domestic and international policy trends related to specific technologies. 

Corporate Trends Research

  • Analysis of domestic and international companies involved with specific technologies/products/services

Science & Technology Demand Survey

  • Demand assessment for potential users of technology that is under development.

Equipment Demand Survey

  • Demand evaluation for equipment prior to its introduction and implementation.

Technology Level Survey

  • Quantitative survey based on patents/papers and qualitative expert analysis of the target technology's level.

Key Researchers & Institutions Survey

  • Survey of leading domestic and international researchers (or research institutions) associated with the target technology.